Seattle Police: 1 dead, 2 injured in Central District shooting

SEATTLE -- Seattle Police say one person is dead and two others were injured in a shooting Friday afternoon in Central District.

The shooting was reported in the area of 21st Avenue and E Union Street.

Authorities say five people arrived at Swedish Cherry Hill in a private vehicle after the shooting. One of those people was pronounced dead, and two others were transferred to Harborview Medical Center. A Harborview spokesperson said the men, ages 20 and 46 years old, were in satisfactory condition.

Outside of the hospital, dozens of family and friends mourned when they found out their loved one was gone.

"Nineteen, he didn't even make it to twenty yet, and I have to go home and tell his brother and sister that their brother isn't going to come and visit them," said Stanyetta Stroud.

Stroud says she is the step-mother of the person killed in Friday's shooting.

"That's my baby, Royale Lexing, and he is going to be remembered," she said.

Stroud says her son was a good person. She says she the kind of violence that happened to her son, is happening to too many other families, and it needs to stop.

"Too many young kids getting killed in these streets. We need to do something about it. It's getting to be out of hand," she said.

A Swedish Medical spokesperson says the two others who arrived in the vehicle fled the area.

Police said they did not have descriptions of any suspects in the shooting, but they were reviewing surveillance footage.

Officials are asking people to avoid the area as they investigate.  Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to contact police at 206-233-5000.