Seattle non-profit helping move homeless out of encampments and into homes

SEATTLE -- Dozens of people who are homeless moved out of encampments and into housing since last year, according to the Low Income Housing Institute. New numbers show the organization helped 57 people living in encampments find permanent or transitional housing from October 2015 through June 2016.

The Low Income Housing Institute reports during that same time it helped 30 encampment residents move into other shelters and 40 people find jobs.

“In the month of June our case managers helped 13 people move into housing, seven into shelters and nine people got jobs,” said Sharon Lee, LIHI Executive Director. “This frees up space for 20 other homeless people living in dangerous conditions on the street.”

The organization is working with residents living in the Nickelsville Ballard encampment, SHARE Interbay Encampment, and Nickelsville Othello Village.

“It’s great because we’ve been successful at moving people from a tent or a tiny house into a long-term apartment that’s affordable,” said Lee.

Last week, the newly finished Marion West Apartments opened in the University District.  The 49 studio apartments are designed for the young homeless aged 18 to 24 and low-income workers who are just entering the workforce.

The Low Income Housing Institute owns and manages over 1,800 affordable apartments in the Puget Sound region.