Seattle mom turns kids into tiny superheroes

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From her Magnolia workshop, Robyn Rosenberger is turning kids with illnesses and disabilities into superheroes. She's the woman behind TinySuperheroes, which makes capes as a form of empowerment for kids, and is the subject of a feature in The Seattle Times.

More than 1,700 children in 50 states and 14 countries have received a TinySuperheros cape, emblazoned with the recipient's first initial and accompanied by an encouraging note. Rosenburger makes all the capes in Seattle, with help from a handful of regular workers and occasional volunteers.

TinySuperheroes is currently on a gofundme campaign to raise $25,000 so Rosenberger can gather more helpers and to help pay for all of their cape-making materials. The company is in the process of becoming a nonprofit.

Find out more about TinySuperheroes on Rosenburger's website or check out this article from the Times.