Seattle man's car towed, then broken into on a city-contracted lot

FOX 13 News spoke to a man who says his car was towed by the City of Seattle due to a violation of its 72-hour parking rule, however on the city-contracted tow lot somebody broke into his car, he said.

Conner Boyd says he went on a trip earlier in the month. He says when he returned, his car was gone.

"I didn’t see it. I thought maybe I moved it; just didn’t remember So, I went and started wandering around the block. I couldn’t’ find it anywhere. I called the missing car tow-line, and they said they had it, and it was reported for being an abandoned vehicle,’ said Boyd.

Boyd said he went to the tow-lot to pick his car up and paid the $500 fee, and then found out his car had been broken into.

"I just assume if the government is going to seize my vehicle, they would have some reasonable level of protection on it, seeing as they took what was perfectly fine, and took it into their possession and destroyed it," he said.

Boyd says the inside of his car was a mess, his battery would not start, and all of his paper work is gone. So, now he’s worried about fraud.

"It’s not like it got broken into in the street. It got broken into while under the protection of the government," he said.

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FOX 13 News went to Lincoln Towing on Aurora Avenue North where Boyd’s car was towed. Seattle city officials say they contract with Lincoln Towing.

"I’m quite sympathetic to your complainant. But no one is more frustrated than I am. Because the guy who complained to you, I have a laundry list of those guys," said Chuck Labertew.

Labertew is the president of Lincoln Towing.

He says they have car break-ins every day at the lot. He says he knows what the issue is.

 "I labeled this the city sanctioned homeless camp," said Labertew.

Labertew says every night people from the encampment behind his business cut through his fence. He says the damage to vehicles and the repairs to the fence have already cost him tens of thousands of dollars just this year.

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Labertew says he tried to get help from the city, even speaking with the chief of police, but there is no change.

"I can’t get anyone to be sympathetic about clearing that s--- out of there. That’s the answer. Why is it that the simplest solution is the hardest one," he said.

FOX 13 News spoke to Seattle police about the incident. They say it is the responsibility of the owner to secure the lot.