Seattle man hopes sharing his story will bring his stolen dog home

Seattle Police are looking for whoever attacked a man and stole his dog.

It happened around midnight on July 4th, police say two men punched the victim then took off with his pet.

“She’s the most important thing in my life,” said Jeffrey Almes.

Almes says that night his heart broken when his nine-year-old boxer, Layla, was stolen from him.

“I just think about it, why didn’t I just leave her at home; it’s because I feel safe with her,” said Almes.

Almes says Layla is more than a pet to him, she is also a support dog who he says helps him with anxiety.

It’s been seven days since he’s seen his dog which is especially concerning because he says Layla needs daily medication.

“There was something different with her. I know people say that, but we had a kinship,” he said.

Almes is hoping sharing his story will help bring Layla home.

He asks anyone with information call him at 206.519.1953.