Seattle man advocating to bring wife to U.S. amid ongoing war in Ukraine

A Seattle man is desperate to find a way to bring his wife to the U.S.

Davyd Klimov is a green card holder and moved to Washington back in 2017. He married his wife Natalia in Ukraine back in 2020. 

"We just have chemistry," said Klimov. "We basically became the puzzle pieces for each other. There were gaps that needed to be filled, and I guess we found that in each other."

Klimov said they started looking into immigration options for Natalia, but just days later, Russia launched its full-fledged invasion of Ukraine.

"I’m extremely worried," said Klimov. "She and I are originally from the troubled area of Ukraine, the one that is currently sustaining some bombing some shelling."

Klimov said he managed to move Natalia out of her home which in a Russian-occupied area, but she had to leave behind her parents and grandmother, who isn’t able to walk.

"There [aren't] that many places in Ukraine that I can call safe," said Klimov. "My wife and her parents are stuck in the occupied zone, and she’s worried about them. The biggest concern I have is that she might just take off and go there because her parents are there."

Klimov has reached out to federal lawmakers representing Washington, but so far, a solution hasn’t presented itself.

President Joe Biden also announced the U.S. will accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in recent weeks.

"The thing is, there was no specific information, it was just an announcement. Before it actually kicks in, before something starts happening, who knows how many months will elapse and if there are any chances of having my wife on the list," said Klimov. 

The 27-year-old said he will keep advocating for his wife, family and other people in Ukraine who are stuck in a war zone. 

"I, myself, have been involved in battle, and I’ve seen things. I know what it’s like when bombs land over your heads," said Klimov. "Knowing that civilian people have to live through the same stuff, it’s not easy, it’s not okay."

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