Seattle inventor wants to help you play with your pup remotely from work

SEATTLE -- A local inventor wants to help you play with your pup even when he is at home and you are at work.

Erick Eidus call the invention PupPod.  Puppod  allows an owner to control a treat toy remotely and watch the entire thing on a live video feed from a smart phone.

Here’s how Eidus describes his invention:

Your dog plays with a smart toy that is wirelessly connected to a treat dispenser. If they figure out what to do, they earn a treat. But they have to keep using their doggie brain to keep earning treats as the game evolves. Pet parents can take part in the game when they are out, or at the office, even triggering treats remotely. PupPod is a new fun use of the operant conditioning method which many pet parents are familiar with. It will keep you connected to your dog throughout the day.

Eidus turned to kickstarter to raise $25-thousand by mid-October. As of Tuesday morning he had raised just over $7-thousand.