Seattle district, police to form working group on school safety

SEATTLE -- The Seattle School District and the city’s police department is forming a “working group” to look at ways of improving security at schools in the wake of the shooting in Connecticut, Seattle Schools Superintendent Jose Banda  announced Thursday.

“As more information becomes available from Connecticut, and as our nation continues to have discussions about school safety, this working group will review recommendations from the Department of Education and law enforcement.” Banda said in a news release. “ Together, we will work on sustainable plans for implementing improved safety measures across the District.

“I know many of you are asking how you can best help. If you have suggestions or ideas specifically for your school, please contact your principal. If you have a suggestion to improve the safety across the District, please email us at “

Banda said that each month, each public school in Seattle already conducts at least one safety-related drill. “Every school has a safety plan that outlines procedures for prevention, mitigation, response and recovery in the event of a crisis,” he said, adding that after last Friday’s tragic shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut, the Seattle School District asked principals to be “extra vigilant in their schools.”