Seattle continues its population explosion, but how residents feel about it is mixed

SEATTLE -- Whether you’re newer to Seattle or have been here your whole life, it comes as no surprise to you that our area is booming. What it all means, well, according to a new Allstate Regional Renewal poll, people aren’t quite sure. The survey asked 400 people from King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties their thoughts on living here and what the future may look like.

    When asked about what’s best for their career and family life:

      Important factors for staying or moving to the Puget Sound region:

        The region’s tendency toward tolerance as well as its feelings on the environment and a climate-neutral vision all rates well. As for where the city is heading:

          An even higher number say the quality of life has gone down.

            As for the impact all this growth has had on the area:


              And a whopping 70 percent say western Washington is unprepared to handle the growth over the next few years. Only 25 percent call the region prepared.

                Another interesting data point is the impact of Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage:

                  So what does it all mean? Our news partners at the Seattle Times believe that while it’s obvious to people that the city is seeing a big boom, they’re not quite sure exactly what to make of it all.

                  One interesting tidbit from the poll, when asked what attraction they would highlight for friends or family heading to town on vacation, almost everyone -- 96 percent -- mentioned Pike Pace and the Waterfront.

                  You have to admit, watching people throw fish never gets old.