Seattle allows restaurants and stores to extend business into the street due to pandemic

The City of Seattle is thinking outside the box due to the coronavirus, by allowing restaurants and stores to extend business into the street.

This week, new restrictions went into effect for restaurants.

However, Seattle is providing unique, temporary options for businesses to help keep sales going.

“The impact is huge,” said Tommy Patrick. “This saves businesses,” he added.

Patrick is an owner of The Ballard Cut. His restaurant has faced a lot of unique situations.

He and his business partner signed the papers for the restaurant days before the pandemic and “stay home” orders went into effect.

Opening for the first time in June, things were finally looking up.  However, new restrictions that took effect on July 30th for restaurants and bars are making things difficult.

Patrick says the city allowing his restaurant to create an outdoor seating option in the street on Ballard Avenue is helping not just sales, but his neighborhood.

“This promotes so much more than just a restaurant or business this drives community; it helps everyone,” he said.

Along Ballard Avenue, many other restaurants and retail shops are taking advantage of this temporary option.

The city says its goal is to get these permit requests back to business owners as quick as possible. They are even changing procedures to help owners, like not requiring the normal two week public comment period for new temporary outdoor cafes and vendors.

For more information on the application and permitting process click here.