Seamstress volunteers skills to sew protective masks for Pierce County Sheriff's deputies

AUBURN -- Even during a pandemic full of so many unknowns, it's comforting to know that there are helpers everywhere.  Many people in our community are taking their passions and turning them into a purpose.



Arline Bauman is a professional seamstress. She is using her skills to sew masks at her home for Pierce County Sheriff's deputies.  The masks are black with a thin blue line.


"It's been important for me to do this because now I feel like this is the first time I feel like I’m doing something for somebody for a service that’s important that really is ignored and they are excited about it and it makes me feel positive and excited to do this," said Bauman.

So far, she's sewn 60 of the masks and plans to make as many as are needed.  Bauman says they she uses multiple layers of material.

"What's good about something like this, even though it's not N95, the best thing is that it is reusable, it's washable, it's something our people can carry." said Pierce County Sheriff's Det. Ed Troyer.