Seahawks wives lead a walk across I-90 bridge in support of Black Lives Matter movement

MERCER ISLAND - Peace, love, togetherness: that was the message from the people who marched across the I-90 bridge on Saturday.

Seahawks’ wives organized the “Bridge to the Future” march. The young people who showed up to the event said it best: “We want to make a better future for people who look like us and everyone,” Justin Baker said.

“Personally I am trying to change the future, do my part and make the world equal,” Kenny Pleasant said.

For Tiffany Chancellor, the wife of Seahawks legend Kam Chancellor, the inspiration to continue that message is personal.

“I am a mother of a future black man. I don’t want him living in the world where he has to fear losing his life in the hands of authorities,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor says taking action goes well beyond one march. It’s how we choose to live everyday.

“Reject any racist teachings that you may have grown up with, have a zero tolerance for racist behaviors, comments or thinking in your lives,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor, speaking to a cheering crowd, urged everyone to fight racism with love.

“I say lovingly because we cannot reach people if we yell and scream at them, if we call them bad names. Love is the only true weapon,” Chancellor said.

Chancellor, along with Nathalie Wright, organized the march. Wright is the wife of Seahawks player K.J Wright.

They say they are marching for their children today so they won’t have to march tomorrow.

“If we can touch one person, to get the message to one person, and they understand what we are doing, it makes a world of a difference,” Nathalie Wright said.

The people who showed up to Saturday’s event say it’s been encouraging to see the back-to-back to protests in Washington.

“It shows how much people care, especially going into different neighborhoods like Seattle, Bellevue. We are out here in Mercer Island right now,” Baker said.

“Thank you for everyone that is participating,” Wright said.