Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright participates in Seattle 'Cops vs Kids' Chess Rumble

SEATTLE -- Seahawks linebacker and chess player K.J. Wright  joined Seattle Police officers for the 3rd annual Cops and Kids Chess Tournament at Van Asselt Elementary on Tuesday.


Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright special guest at Seattle Police 'Kids vs Cops' Chess Rumble

The event, organized by SPD Det. Denise "Cookie" Bouldin, pits her Urban Youth Chess Club against sworn officers to build positive interactions.


Seattle Police Det. Denise 'Cookie' Bouldin, founder of the Urban Youth Chess Club

"They get to see police officers are human just like they are, just like their moms and dads. Then, they get a chance to beat the officers, too, but then we have some officers that are some pretty good players," said Det. Bouldin.

With pizza and trophies on the line for the winners, the officers didn't stand a chance as the kids won 30 games to 9.


Wright stayed until the very end to play chess with the kids.

"He's actually a very good chess player," said Det. Bouldin.


The Chess Club teaches a variety of lifelong skills to young people and serves as a model for developing a stronger sense of self, personal responsibility and community responsibility.

Most importantly, the chess club has given these inner city youth a safe place to gather off the streets and be involved in a positive activity with other youth who have similar goals and desires.

Detective Bouldin is committed to using the chess board to teach youth anti-violence, consequences of their actions, to develop critical thinking, problem solving and life skills that will enable them to succeed.