Seahawks forecast: Game day could be damp, but not overly wet

SEATTLE -- Cold mornings are being replaced with mild ones this week, and our very dry weather will change a bit with some light rain into Friday morning.

Wednesday starts out with a little rain but the afternoon will be dry. This weak system will bring better air quality and no more freezing nights for a while.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning will be dry and mild with some fog.  Thursday afternoon has some showers but mainly north of Seattle.

The Seahawks game looks damp but not overly wet. Kickoff temperature will be around 52 degrees.

Friday starts off with just a few showers but the afternoon will be dry. Saturday looks good with some nice November sunshine. Sunday should be mostly dry but there will be showers for the coast and mountains.

Next week starts the “Thanksgiving Travel” period. Right now, there doesn’t appear to be a storm but showers with some mountain snow may slow travel a bit. We'll update you as we get closer.