Seahawks fly by Falcons, 33-10

ATLANTA -- It was the complete game everyone wanted.

The Seattle Seahawks dominated all, racking up 490 yards of total offense and only allowing the 226 yards Sunday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, taking it to the Falcons, 33-10.

The Hawks went into the game looking for revenge after last year's season ending loss to the Falcons in the NFC playoffs. And revenge is what they got. Led by Marshawn Lynch's 145 yards on 24 carries, the Hawks scored early and often in their route of the 2-7 Atlanta team.

Scoring started on two of Steven Hauschka's four field goals. Seattle kept it going and ended the first half strong, with a 43-yard trick Flea Flicker play capping off a 2-play 80-yard drive. Then, shortly before heading into the locker room, Wilson, who ended the game 19-for-26 with two touchdowns, led the team on a 7-play, 60 yard drive to put the Hawks up 23-3 going into the locker room.

From there, the lead remained in the Hawks favor, with Marshawn Lynch capping off the scoring and a near-career rushing day with a 1-yard touchdown run with 8:54 in the fourth quarter to put the Hawks on top 33-10.

Seahawks were 9-for-15 on third downs, and averaged over 10 yards per completion. An embattled offensive line held strong, allowing only one sack to Wilson for a loss of 8. The Hawks also controlled the ball, not giving up a turnover and securing more than 35 minutes of time with the football.

For a Hawks team that has faced some criticism even though they have continued to win, a dominate victory on the road was exactly what the doctor ordered to quiet the skeptics.

Wilson garnered the Q13 FOX "Guts, Glory" performer of the day with his performance.

In the lone down note, Brandon Browner left the game with a groin injury early in the first half, and an update on his injury was not immediately available.

A win improved on the Hawks' best start in franchise history, bringing the team to 9-and-1. The team will face the struggling Minnesota Vikings next weekend at CenturyLink Field. The game will be broadcast at 1:25 p.m. on Q13 FOX.

Live updates from the game

-- Seahawks cruising into the 2-minute warning. Up 33-10 over the Falcons.

-- Just when you think the Falcons get something going, Douglas fumbles on the Hawks 20 and Walter Thurmond recovers.

-- Marshawn Lynch takes it in for the TD to put the Hawks up 33-10. Lynch is about 5 yards short of his career best.

-- Lynch was just a little shy. Third and goal. Great rushing.

Fourth Quarter -- Wilson and the Hawks have 438 yards for the day. The Hawks are looking to go to 9-1 with a win over the Falcons.

-- Marshawn Lynch has his 3rd 100 yard game of the year. Great day for Lynch.

-- A shotgun pass to Russell Wilson to Baldwin gets Seattle into Atalanta territory. This O-Line is looking better than the last few games, picking up the blitz.

-- The best part of this drive for the Falcons which will probably lead to a field goal? It took a ton of time off the clock.

[12:12] -- How are these guys even supposed to tackle anymore? A sack by the Seahawks is negated for a hit below the knees. As the Q13 FOX announcer asked, "Where do you hit these guys?"

-- The Hawks have really stopped the run game today, something they have been criticized for. The Falcons only have 47 yards on the day through the ground.

-- Steven Hauschka nails a 53-yard field goal to put the Hawks up 26-3 with 7:49 in the third quarter.

-- Lynch with a 9-yard gain. Takes it to the 43-yard line. He's coming up on 100 yards for the game.

-- Golden Tate with another first down catch. Gets into Falcon territory and eating up a lot of time on the clock.

-- This might be the Hawks' most complete game of the season so far. Wilson 15-for-21, Lynch with about 70 yards of rushing and Golden Tate with some great catches.

Seahawks lead the Falcons 23-3 at the end of the first half

-- Eight seconds left in the half. And Wilson throws it to Golden Tate who makes a one handed catch on a fade route. Hawks will head into the locker room 23-3. Nice first half for the Hawks.

-- A big completion from Wilson to Doug Baldwin. Wilson throws a dart and puts the Hawks on the Falcons' 15. Nice if the Hawks can get a TD before the end of the half.

-- Seahawks have the ball on their own 40 yard line with a minute left. Hawks have two time outs lft.

-- Atlanta going up tempo here with a little more than a minute left in the half. A stop here from the Hawks would be nice. Already a very different first half than last week's game.

-- Seattle has to settle for a field goal attempt, and Russell takes a hit on the play. Hauschka nails his third field goal to put the Seahawks up 16-3 with 1:52 left in the first half. 

-- What is Cliff Avril upset about on the sidelines? I wonder if we'll hear about that on talk radio Monday. In the meantime, Showtime Golden Tate gets a 46 yard reception.

-- Seattle Seahawks are tackling well, and defending against the run. Ryan and crew are forced to punt after a 3-and-out.

-- What razzle-dazzle. Marshawn Lynch handoff tosses it back to Russell Wilson who throws it deep for the TD to Jermaine Kearse. First trick play of the season I've seen from the Hawks and it was sweet. We'll be seeing that on the highlight reel. Hawks go up 13-3 with 5:33 left to go in the first half. 

-- Marshawn Lynch gets behind his fullback and takes it 37 yards.

-- Walter Thurmond with a timely tackle to put the Falcons at fourth down. Matt Bryant hits the 53-yard field goal to put the Falcons on the board. Hawks still lead 6-3 with 6:30 left in the game. 

-- Ryan senses some pressure and scrambles for 10 yards to the Seahawks 34. Good run for the normally slow-footed Matt Ryan.

-- Even with the Falcons driving on just two plays, a two field goal lead feels pretty insignificant. We need to get some touchdowns going. Brandon Browner seen limping off to the sidelines.

-- Steven Hauschka hits a 43-yard field goal to put the Hawks up 6-0 with 11:53 left in the first half. 

-- Golden Tate with a nice catch, but he was out of bounds. Where was the offisides on that play, didn't it seem like the Falcons jumped?

-- Wilson hits Kearse for 23 yards to the Atlanta 29. Great jump ball catch for Kearse, a UW grad.

2nd Quarter -- Another handoff to Lynch. Like to see him getting back in the fold reminiscent of last year's success.

-- Is K.J. Wright on every tackle in the game so far? Jeeze. Already has four tackles.

-- Hawks get an offside penalty on an incomplete pass. 5-yard penalty repeats second down. Bruce Irvin a little too aggressive on that one.

-- After a Seahawks sack, an incomplete pass forces the Hawks to punt. Falcons will go from deep in their own territory.

-- Seahawks are mixing it up with passing and running. They took the ball deep in their own territory to the Falcons 30.

-- The hawks are backed up deep in... nope! Golden Tate gets a 30 yard reception from Wilson. Great pass. Unnecessary roughness penalty tacks on 15 to the end of the play.

-- Brandon Browner lets an interception slip out of his hands, but whatever, the Falcons are forced to punt on their second-straight possession.

-- First time we've seen Ryan hit Roddy Wright since he's been out with an injury. This time they hit the Seahawks for 20 yards. Lets hope we don't keep seeing stuff like that. Also, the Hawks are looking good early in their rush defense, something they've been struggling with.

-- After a long first down pass to Wilson, the Hawks look like they'll have to take a field goal from their own 21. Hauschka knocks it through for the Hawks to take an early 3-0 lead with 7:32 left in the first quarter.

-- Marshawn Lynch powers through for another first down. Takes half the Falcons team with him. You can't stop this guy.

-- First play a 5-yard pass from Wilson to Lynch. Second play a 3-yard-rush from Lynch to bring up a 3rd down. Lynch is coming off his best game of the season, with 120 yards on 21 carries.

-- Early Thomas breaks up a pass to make the Falcons go 3-and-out for their first possession. Tate on the punt return gets about 10 yards and the Seahawks will take over from their own 31.

-- First play from scrimmage a 2-yard-run. Nice to see the gashing didn't start early.

-- Kickoff! Hawks win the toss and choose to defer. Matt Ryan an Co. will get the ball on their own 14 to start the game.