Seahawks Fever: Seattle businesses rooting for team to clinch home field

SEATTLE -- The Seahawks have a huge game this weekend. They’re already in the postseason. But if they win against the Rams, they could secure home field advantage in the playoffs.

Fans are gearing up, grabbing new jerseys and hats and talking about the team’s chances for another championship.

“They’re coming together at the right time,” says Michael Smith. “They’re all getting along and healthy.”

“These guys are a real team, they play together, they’re like brothers and it shows,” says former Mariner Kevin King.

He knows what it’s like to play for the fans here in Seattle, and how big it would be for the Hawks to host the playoffs at CenturyLink.

“There’s no place like home,” he says. “You want to be at home, especially for games like that.”

That’s what will happen if the Hawks can beat the Rams Sunday.

“I think if they win this weekend, they’re in control just like they were last year,” says Smith.

That would mean more business for the shops and restaurants around the stadium.

Brandon Coleman is the bar manager for Quality Athletics, which just opened down the street from CenturyLink four months ago. He says game days have been huge for them.

“We see ridiculous numbers, the patio is packed,” he says. “Those are the kinds of days that pad the bottom line.”

So he’d like the Hawks to win, so there can be a few more days like that.

“That would be huge. Huge for us, huge for Seattle.”

The Downtown Seattle Association say if the playoffs are held in Seattle, the city would also get more exposure to a national television audience.