Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman released from jail but investigation continues in alleged hit and run case

SEATTLE - Just days after his arrest, Seahawks player Derrick Coleman is released from jail. But he's still under investigation following a crash in Bellevue and for the first time coach Carroll is weighing in.

Coleman was released around 3:30 p.m. Friday.
He didn't walk out of the front entrance but he was transported out of jail through an undisclosed exit.

Prosecutors want more information before deciding if they`ll charge Coleman.

Bellevue Police say Coleman may have been speeding Wednesday night when his pickup truck smashed into the back of a Honda, sending it flying. The impact forced the Honda to jump an embankment and flip upside down, Coleman`s Dodge Ram landed on its side.

In an extremely rare move Coleman`s attorney released his interview with Coleman hoping to his client wasn`t impaired. Attorney Stephen Hayne asked Coleman to count backwards and recite the alphabet.

“The verbal test that Mr. Hayne employed with Mr. Coleman is identical to what law enforcement uses,” Defense attorney William Kirk said.

Kirk has tried thousands of DUI cases.
He believes Coleman`s attorney took a gamble by releasing the interview, a gamble he thinks will help Coleman’s defense.

“I think that`s one of the reasons for one wanting to go and videotape it and number two publicize it so quickly,” Kirk said.

But the interview does not explain why Coleman left the scene of the crash. Bellevue Police found the 24 year old two blocks from the crash site, barefoot. His attorney claims Coleman had a head injury.

“If you ever had a concussion or know of anybody one of the symptoms is that they are not aware of their surrounding and that is what happened here,” Hayne said.

Yet in the video, Coleman is able to count backwards and recite the alphabet.
Bellevue police hope the black boxes in both vehicles can tell them more about the crash. They are in the process of obtaining a search warrant for the cars and hope to obtain the black boxes next week.

In the meantime, prosecutors are waiting for the toxicology report before deciding whether to charge Coleman with felony hit and run and vehicular assault.

As a fan favorite, many are wondering when Coleman will be back on the field after the Seahawks suspended him indefinitely. On Friday Pete Carroll addressed the issue for the first time saying he hopes to meet with Coleman Saturday morning.

“It’s not about the game right now we just need to see if Derrick is ok and see what we can do to support him,” Carroll said.

Hayne told Q13 FOX News that Coleman’s priority is to get reinstated back to the Seahawks as soon as possible.