Seahawks' Cliff Avril pledges to fund safe homes for Haiti after destructive Hurricane Matthew

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril is pledging to fund safe, permanent housing for the people of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew destroyed homes and killed hundreds of people earlier this month.

Avril is joining Elvis Dumervil, an OLB for the Baltimore Ravens, to build a sustainable community. It's called the NFL Resilience for Haiti Community Initiative through New Story.

"The destruction in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is significant. It's our time to step up, lead and help the people of Haiti build for the long term," said Dumervil.

Avril pledges that for each sack he makes this season, he will fund a permanent home for a family. The homes cost $6,000 each.

"Let's do for some what we wish we could dof for all. Please join me in supporting this Haiti rebuilding initiative and new story," Avril said.

The houses are built by locals with local materials and are meant to be permanent solutions, so families have safe shelter for everyday life and future disasters.

Earlier this year, Avril and Marshawn Lynch traveled to Port-au-Prince to help build an elementary school, host a mobile medical clinic and a football camp. Avril’s parents came to America from Haiti in the 1980s.