Seahawks-49ers rivalry helping kids who need medical care

SEATTLE -- It's not just the players talking smack ahead of Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

Politicians are placing friendly bets...

And the rivalry isn't just good for the NFL -- it's making a difference for kids who need medical care.

Niners fans put up money to boast on a billboard in the Seattle area about their past Super Bowl trophies. The leftover money from the billboard rental was given to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Christopher Hart, of Bremerton, decided to organize the Seahawks fundraising campaign online. He put the call out, and Hawks fans have been donating every since, with the money raised going to San Francisco's UCSF Children's Hospital.

"There's more to life than football," Hart said. "There's bigger things out there. And to see both Niners fans and Hawks fans ... nothing more important than sick kids."

To donate, go to: