Seahawk success leads to business boom

The Legion of Boom has brought on a business bang as fans are celebrating a magical Seahawks season by buying merchandise and planning to spend money on food and fun.

Mark Dyce just spent over $200 on merchandise but he is all smiles about being division champions.

Dyce said, “I love champions. There’s nothing like squashing that rumor that Seattle is a bad sports city when you’ve got a team like the Seahawks in town. You can’t beat it.”

One apparel store sold dozens of championship shirts after the Seahawks’ win yesterday and doesn’t have a single championship cap in stock right now.

Restaurants are also stocking shelves for what is usually an extremely slow month.

At F.X. McRory’s some 60 employees will be running a fast paced offense handing out food and passing around drinks.

Mick McHugh said, “A lot of people can’t get tickets so it’s sold out so they come in here and they watch the game in here because theyw ant to be down in the neighborhood part of the spirit so we fill the place during the game which we’ve never really done before.”

Just blocks off the beaten path, Zeitgeist coffee shop will see an increase in business too as weary Seahawks’ fans get a liquid boost.

Brianna Grenier said, “They pregame I’m sure and then come in and get some coffee to warm up and wake up anf then head to the game. Again, a line out the door of the coffee shop.”

Experts in the business industry say between, hotels, food and fun some $20-50 million might be injected into the city and region and the area gets free advertising for future guests.

Tom Norwalk is the CEO of Visit Seattle. Norwalk said, “National exposure is somewhat hard to quantify but it is nothing but good for the destination.”

Analysts believe two big home playoff games could bring in more money than the Superbowl.

Norwalk said, “I think we’ve been excited all fall. This is a year that’s had a tremendous amount of buzz and expectation for the hawks and i think it’s been building every week.”