Seafair weekend fun by land and sea

SEATTLE– By air, by land and by sea it’s a trifecta of fun out at Seafair.  After a scorching hot Seafair last year, Q13 spoke to plenty of people enjoying the cooler temperatures.  From the Blue Angels to the hydro races crowds gathered to get a look at Seattle’s biggest summer weekend.

To take a glimpse of the Blue Angels, hundreds gathered on the I-90 bridge span.

“They performed exceptionally,” said Air Force Veteran Perry Morris.

It was a low show due to low clouds.

“I liked that I didn’t have to put on sunscreen so that was a bonus, you know,” said Jason Buckley.

With their professional cameras and smartphones, people snapped an image of the show.

“Lots of whoop whoops and whistles and applause,” said Morris.

By air and to the sea…

“We’ve got the best hydro races in the world going on here today,” said Jeff Fisher.

It wasn’t hot outside, buy hydros hot on the trail of one another.

“Our main focus is to be down here to watch the hydroplanes as it’s a huge Seattle tradition,” said Stephanie Weymouth.

And it won’t be stopped by clouds.

“As long as the water stays calms, it should be a good race,” said Jeri Anderson.