Seafair air shows take off as planned despite haze; spectators 'love the Blue Angels'

SEATTLE --  Hydroplane races at 200 mph and the Blue Angels flying even faster. Seafair says all the air shows this weekend are going off as scheduled despite the haze.

On Friday, families staked out spots waiting for the air show spectacle.

“We love the Blue Angels -- such a huge treat,” Amanda McCumber said.

But this year Seafair is noticeably different.

"The haze is kind of insane -- you can't even see the city," said one visitor.

The wildfires in Canada are creating a blanket of smoke in our region.

“Discernible horizon -- which is important to fly in -- is reduced a little bit,” said Lt. Col. John Klatt of the Blue Angels.

But when the Blue Angels finally took the stage on Friday, the show didn’t disappoint.

“It’s nice to see them come down from the haze,” said one visitor.

For first-timers, the experience is memorable.

“They are super close to each other and that's really exciting,” Daniel McCumber said.

For others who come every year, Seafair is not just about the sights but the tradition.

“I have a doctorate in Seafair -- I’ve been here 16 years in a row,” Janet Berry said.