Seabrook plays host to 2nd annual Regence Hood to Coast Washington relay

SEABROOK, Wash. -- Hood to Coast celebrated their 37th annual relay race. The Hood to Coast Series -- which now consists of 18 different races -- originated out of Oregon and has spread to cities across the country – even internationally to China and soon Israel.

The race returned to Grays Harbor County on Saturday to host their second ever Regence Hood to Coast Washington -- a 77 mile course stretching from Isabella Lake to Seabrook.

Hood to Coast is the largest relay race in the world and many locals say it's a big deal that the race series is making a new home in Washington.

Over 2,000 participants ran a sprawling 77 miles or walked 52. Short in comparison to the two-day nearly 200 mile race in Oregon.

Runners sporting headlamps and reflective vests started before sunrise Saturday from Isabella lake, passing through McCleary, Elma, down to Melbourne before passing through Cosmopolis, Aberdeen, Hoquiam and eventually into the seaside town of Seabrook.

Q13 News was a media sponsor in addition to having a team run the race.