SEA unveils new International Arrivals Facility

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport revealed its new International Arrivals Facility on Thursday morning. 

The new expansion was built to enhance the international passenger experience, and it will feature: 

  • 450,000-square-foot grand hall for baggage claim and customs processing
  • 85-foot-high aerial walkway that will directly connect passengers from the South Satellite to the grand hall
  • New international corridor connecting arriving international passengers on Concourse A

After Thursday’s reveal, Port of Seattle Spokesman Perry Cooper talked to FOX 13 Morning News about the improvements. 

"This will be a huge difference. The dramatic views, the size," he said. "And the idea as well too is the speed to get through it and reduce those connection times for those people heading out somewhere else."

In the upcoming weeks, the Port of Seattle said it will run a passenger flow simulations to evaluate the functionality and flow of a passenger’s journey. In the final phase of operational readiness, the facility will start serving a limited number of early morning flights over a multi-day period. 

"It’s a unique structure," Perry said.

The Port of Seattle said its existing facilities, which was built in the 70s, cannot accommodate Seattle's growing demand for international travel

Officials haven’t announced a grand opening date.