Sea-Tac police arrest woman after dispute over carry-on bag on United flight

SEATAC, Wash. -- Police arrested a woman Tuesday morning after she and her elderly mother refused to comply with instructions from a United crew at Sea-Tac Airport.

According to an airport official, a woman in her 80s and her adult daughter were asked by a United Airlines flight crew to move one of their bags. The bag was apparently too large to fit underneath the seat in front of them, so the crew asked them to move it to an overhead bin.

The official said they refused requests from the flight crew, and police were eventually called to the plane. Everyone on board was asked to exit the aircraft.

The mother and daughter were taken to an airport office to sort things out.

The official said the daughter become upset and threw her mother's walker in the office. At that point, police arrested her for malicious mischief and she was taken to jail.

United Airlines was working with the mother to contact her family. The pair were headed to El Salvador.

Q13 News has reached out to United for comment.