Sea-Tac parking fees increasing in July

SEATTLE -- It’s going to cost more to park your car at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport come July.

The airport is raising hourly, daily and weekly rates between 5% and 6%, which breaks down like this:

Product: Rate: Current: New rates effective July 1: Change amount:
General Parking Hourly $4 $5 $1
Daily $30 $32 $2
Weekly $140 $149 $9
Terminal Direct Hourly $5 $6 $1
Daily $37 $39 $2
Weekly NA NA NA








Officials with the airport say they’ve only increased fees two times in the last decade, the last time being in 2017.

Revenue from the extra fees will go towards the airport’s infrastructure and future upgrades.

They say Passport and Corporate Premiere rates will stay the same.