Scientist: Seattle is more 'naturally dangerous' to live in than San Francisco

SEATTLE - Which city is more 'naturally dangerous' to live in - Seattle or San Francisco?  According to a renowned Bellevue scientist,  Kirk Johnson, it's Seattle, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported.

Here's why: you are more likely to die here (Seattle) from an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, landslide or lahar than most anywhere else.

The Cascadia subduction zone and its potential for releasing a 9.5 magnitude quake, could happen in the next hundred years.  Plus there's a number of massive volcanoes in the area, the paper reported.

"...We live in a very active landscape that's still underconstruction and depending on where you area nd when are there it can be very dangerous." Johnson told the Seattle PI.

"Geology still bats last, and so you've got this amazing civilization, these great cities and all this technology but a 9.5 earthquake would be pretty amazing in a landscape like that," Johnson said.