Schrier: 'The trick is to pursue policies that work for everybody'

SEATTLE -- Washington's 8th congressional district appears to have a new representative, as Dr. Kim Schrier declared victory and Republican candidate Dino Rossi issued a statement conceding the race Wednesday night.

“It felt good to me. I think it looked like a blue wave,” Schrier told Q13 News.

Rossi conceded in a statement posted to his Facebook account. Reading in part:

“…While this race did not end in the way you or I would have liked, I urge you to stay involved in the democratic process... I believe we ran the best race we could have run this year and left it all on the field...”

Schrier said the people in her district were ready to head in a new direction.

“People in this district have sent a message that they are done with the status quo. They are done with career politicians who aren’t working for people,”  Schier said. The 8th Congressional District is unique because it blends Washington’s wide ranging political spectrum, from the Seattle suburbs to the Cascade Mountains.

“You know I was nervous going in. I did not think that we would have this wide of a gap. I thought that this was going to be a tighter race and that we might not know for weeks,” says Dr. Schier.

As for what's next?

“The trick here really is to pursue policies that work for everybody in the district," she said. "There are issues that affect everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican. If medicine is too expensive, you want somebody who’s going to go stand up to big pharma and bring costs down. And if you’re having trouble making ends meet and housing is too expensive, you want someone who’s going to go to bat for livable wages.”