School in Kenmore closed Monday following gun rumors

KENMORE, Wash. -- Kenmore Middle School closed Monday out of “an abundance of caution” after rumors surfaced over the weekend about guns at the school.

Sgt. Ryan Abbott, a spokesman for the King County Sheriff’s Office, said last week that six students brought bullets, but no firearms, to Kenmore Middle School.

Deputies and police dogs were searching the campus for firearms Monday morning.

It's not the only Puget Sound region school to close recently over threats and weapons rumors.

Classes were canceled at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline on Wednesday as King County Sheriff’s Office officials investigated a shooting threat.

Abbott said a parent found ammunition their son had. The parent came to school on Monday to report it, and school officials found bullets inside of the student’s backpack at school.

Then Tuesday night, Abbott says tips started pouring into the school and to police about a possible shooting.

Shoreline Schools report that one tip claimed a weapon was hidden in a wooded area south of the school. Police and detectives investigated the threats but did not find any weapons or bullets.