Scattering your loved one's ashes… in space? Company provides ultimate send off

CHICAGO (WGNTV) -- You've heard about scattering your loved one's ashes at sea, but how about sending them into space?

If you don't want a typical funeral or burial, there's definitely nothing typical about the service Celestis provides.

It costs anywhere from $1000 dollars to $12,000 dollars. You can send your loved ones ashes into zero gravity and then they come back down. Or, on the higher end, a rocket will take the ashes up to the moon where they combust and scatter for a symbolic moon burial. You can also send them on a rocket into orbit and track them online.

More than 1000 people have taken part since 1997, including the creator of Star Trek, astronauts, NASA scientists, and just last week, a man from Chicago.

Sue Haack lost her partner Watler to cancer in February of last year. They were together for nearly 30 years.

Sue decided to do something to celebrate Walter's life while still providing closure.

Last week, she went to the Celestis launch site in New Mexico to watch Walter blast into space.

"I shouldn't say I had a blast, but I had a blast," Sue said. "It was fun to meet the other people and to hear their stories"

All of the families there shared memories of their loved ones in a memorial service before the launch.

"There was something so joyous about what they were doing and where they were going," Sue said. "And a little bit crazy and that fit for Walter to be a little bit crazy. It was just really nice. "

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