Save up to 20% of your daily smart phone battery life? Try uninstalling your Facebook app

SEATTLE -- Battery life remains one of the biggest complaints for smart phone users.

But a respected British newspaper reports that most smart phone users could save between 15% to 20% of their daily battery life by doing just one thing, uninstalling the Facebook app.

The Guardian published two stories Monday.

The first details claims by uninstalling the app on android devices users could save 20% of daily battery life. The second story claims a 15% power saving if the app is uninstalled on an iPhone.

Give up Facebook on my phone you ask? Impossible!

But don’t worry there is actually a simple alternative.

Go to on your phone’s mobile browser and login.

According to using the mobile site could allow you to uninstall the Facebook app, the Facebook Messenger app and the Facebook Page Manager app if you wanted to:

“It performs almost every function of all three core apps from the one site and iOS and Android enable it to send you the same notifications for new messages, alerts, etc. What’s more you don’t even need to lose the Facebook icon as both iOS and Android offer the ability to place a shortcut to the mobile site on your homescreen which looks identical.”

Facebook has faced complaints before of battery draining features on its apps and it has allegedly addressed them.

When faced with the new claims The Guardian said it was told “the company was investigating the matter.”