Sand bags out as Puget Sound communities brace for flooding

TACOMA - Urban flooding is a concern for many communities around the Puget Sound.

We’ve seen what happens when the rains come too fast.

Marcos Hernandez couldn’t believe it when Stadium Bowl in Tacoma flooded last month.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, especially here.”

It took days to clean his school’s football field.

“There was still a lot of water down at the bowl, and a lot of mud.”

The storms we’ve seen around the Puget Sound recently have made a lot of people more aware of what could happen if we get too much rain.

“I think about landslides,” says Jennifer Paredes. “That’s one of the main things I think about, looking at the aftermath of the flood last time.”

In west Seattle, the winds and the waves are also a concern.

“You hear the waves,” says Daniel Naranjo. “We live up by Lincoln Park and you can hear the waves chopping against the rocks down there.”

“There are lots of trees that can blow,” adds his mother Shannon. “If they're dead they're a concern, because they tend to fall and there are a lot of limbs across our streets.”

A strong storm blew through Alki just a couple weeks ago.

“The waves came up, they hit against the sea wall, actually came up here and hit the bathhouse,” says Justin Ried.

Now there are sandbags protecting the doors and windows of the building.