Same sex couple in King County to make history

Seattle -- Sunday morning, same sex couples will make history in Washington by saying the words, “I do.”

After 11 years together, Sarah and Emily Cofer will be the first gay couple in King County to get married.

"This whole experience has just been wonderful,” Emily Cofer said. "We're totally in love with each other and we support each other through good times and tough times just like any other marriage.  It's really important to us that we can honor that love with each other through marriage.”

This has been a big year for the Cofers. The two celebrated the birth and adoption of their little girl Carter.  Then Washington voters approved Referendum 74.

On Wednesday, Governor Chris Gregoire signed into law a measure to legalize same sex marriage.

Shortly after, dozens of couples like Sarah and Emily lined up to get their hands on their own marriage licenses.

Even though the Cofers will be the first to get married at 12:01 Sunday morning, they are just a part of a bigger story.

"We feel like it's really important that it really isn't just about us. It's really about everyone else getting these rights,” Sarah Cofer said.

One person affected by their marriage the most doesn't understand the relevance of it yet.

"It's kind of crazy and wonderful to think that the next generation won't be an issue. No matter who Carter ends up loving, she won't have those barriers we had,” Emily said.  “She'll be able to marry them and go through that process which is really powerful.”