RV fire under West Seattle Bridge raises safety concerns in wake of Atlanta freeway collapse

WEST SEATTLE -- Nobody was hurt after a fire at a homeless RV camp underneath the West Seattle Bridge, but it has raised concerns in the wake of the recent I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta.

A witness showed Q13 News video of the fire which showed flames high enough to reach the bridge for about 20 minutes. Firefighters arrived, put out the fire and made sure nobody was injured.

Just last week the city cleared out part of homeless encampments in the area, but they left the RVs because right now they don't have a place to put them.

But people living down there now worry the city will get more aggressive with the sweeps because of the fire.

Officials said an electrical issue caused the fire. The RV owner was trying to get the engine to start, then smelled smoke and saw the fire.

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