Russell Wilson on becoming a dad: 'You just love unconditionally. You love at all costs'

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spoke Thursday for the first time since he and Ciara announced they are expecting a baby.

"Obviously for me and C it's exciting. It's a blessing, that's for sure. To have a child is amazing, probably the biggest miracle there is."

Ciara and Wilson married in July and announced on Tuesday that Ciara is pregnant.

"I was telling a couple of people the other day if I can just be half the dad that my dad was to me, I'm doing something pretty good," Wilson said in a news conference Thursday afternoon. "Constantly loving, constantly being there. I am a stepdad too, so it's the same thing there. You just love unconditionally. You love at all costs."

Wilson said he's going to lean on several teammates for advice.

"Guys like Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, you really look up to those guys and they're such good parents as well," he said. "There's so many different guys, Earl, Richard Sherman."

When asked about when the big day, Wilson said with a smile "not sure yet and I probably wouldn't tell you guys yet anyway."

Watch the full news conference below: