Russell Wilson appears to be OK: 'He's lucky, and he knows it'

SEATTLE - It was one of the scariest scenes imaginable if you're a Seattle Seahawks fan.

Russell Wilson was on the field, clearly in a great deal of pain even as he was rehabbing from a sprained ankle earlier in the season.

Wilson left the game in the third quarter with the Seattle Seahawks well ahead on their way to a 37-18 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, but the team said he'll likely be fine after suffering a left-knee sprain.

"I don't think it's as severe as it looked," Wilson said after the game. "Walking fine and all that, moving well, got good mobility."

Wilson said he left the game in part because the Seahawks were so far ahead at the time, describing it as "the smart thing to do" in the big picture.

"I felt fine," he said. "I felt strong enough that I can play on it, and I can tolerate pain pretty well."

Coach Pete Carroll said it was a "messy play" that could've turned out much worse for his quarterback.

"He’s in good spirits, just like you would think," coach Pete Carroll said after the game. "He has no intention of thinking anything other than he’s playing (next week). He sprained his knee a little bit.

"He’s lucky, and he knows it. He was in a bad situation."

It was a scary moment in what was otherwise a fantastic game for the Seahawks as they beat up on their NFC West rival.

Receiver Doug Baldwin said seeing his quarterback go down in the midst of such a strong performance made him sick.

"My heart dropped," Baldwin said. "It was weird, because I haven’t felt like that in a long time – my heart just dropping out of my chest like that."