Rule changes you need to know when golf reopens May 5 in Washington

Golf courses across Washington state are set to reopen May 5, but with some changes to promote social distancing.

Washington state released a list of 24 rules and regulations that golf courses must comply with before reopening.

Q13 FOX's Ian Furness explains the ten that will most impact players and employees:

Read the full list of rules from the state below:

Golf Operations (These items will be assessed, and potentially modified, on a weekly basis.)
Any course planning to reopen on May 5, 2020, must comply with the following:
1. Utilize on-line or phone tee time reservation systems to pre-pay and limit interactions, and restrict
payments to credit cards only to eliminate the handling of cash.
2. Maintain a log of all customers, including contact information.
3. At the golf course’s discretion, foursomes are allowed if they are from the same household.
Otherwise, no more than two players from separate households per tee time. Single players should
be asked if they would like to be paired together.
4. Restrict play to one rider per power cart, unless a minor is also playing.
5. Regularly sanitize counter tops, door knobs, other common surfaces, range buckets, golf carts,
push carts, cash registers, score posting kiosks, and other frequently touched surfaces including
employee used equipment.
6. Ensure that the flagstick remains in at all times. Players will be educated to avoid touching the
flagstick for any reason.
7. Be creative with cup liners to avoid having players reaching into the hole to retrieve golf balls,
such as installing cups upside down or partly above ground.
8. Eliminate cups and holes on practice greens.
9. Discontinue club and equipment rentals.
10. Restrict use of driving range and putting green to those with a tee time within 30 minutes.
11. Remove bunker rakes and other on-course furniture like benches, ball washers, water coolers, etc.
12. Eliminate on-course garbage cans, encourage golfers to carry and properly dispose of their own
garbage when leaving the course.
13. Modify driving range hitting areas to ensure a minimum 10-foot separation between players.
14. Install signage to discourage group congregation, or to limit numbers of people in a certain area of
the club or pro shop. Golfers will be reminded to be especially mindful of social distancing in the
parking lot, and around tees and greens.
15. Place appropriate signage outside the pro shop and clubhouse plus at the first tee entries briefly
outlining the social distancing guidelines in place.
16. Keep up to date on all changes that are happening daily.
17. Marshall the course to ensure physical distancing by reminding golfers, and where necessary,
warning repeat offenders.
18. Ask golfers to leave the golf course immediately after playing to eliminate congestion/gathering
on the property or in the parking lot.
Other Facility Operations
19. Increase the number of hand sanitizing stations throughout the clubhouse area and check-in areas.
20. Restrict access where unauthorized visitors may enter, most specifically “back of the house” doors
and entry points.
21. Increase frequency of HVAC system filter changing.
22. Ensure restrooms are frequently cleaned and appropriately sanitized throughout the day.
23. Eliminate sit-down food and beverage services, and recommend customers use pre-order “takeout” or “to go” services only. Consider offering cart-to-cart delivery if feasible.
Employee Safety and Health
24. Ensure operations follow L&I requirements to protect workers, including:
-Maintain minimum six-foot separation between staff and customers in all interactions. When
strict social distancing is not feasible for a specific task, other prevention measures are required,
such as use of barriers, personal protective equipment or other acceptable protection.
-Ensure frequent and adequate hand washing. Use gloves when possible (if not disposal, then
ensure they are regularly washed).
-Make sure sick employees stay home or go home if they feel or appear sick, identify and isolate
workers who exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19 illness, and follow cleaning guidelines set
by the CDC to deep clean after reports of an employee with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
-Educate workers in the language they understand best about coronavirus and how to prevent
-See the L&I Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention: General Requirements and Prevention Ideas
for Workplaces for more information.
No golf course may operate until they can meet and maintain all the requirements in this document,
including providing materials, schedules and equipment required to comply.