Rocks hurled from overpass 'pelt' multiple cars on I-5

TACOMA, Wash. -- Rocks thrown from an Interstate 5 overpass "pelted" several cars Monday night near the Tacoma Mall.

A Q13 News viewer who didn't want to be identified shared multiple photos of damage to the windshield. The viewer said around 10:15 p.m. the car was hit with large rocks near the New York Ave. overpass. Glass littered the interior of the car, but those inside the car suffered only minor scratches.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Brooke Bova said the agency received several calls Monday evening saying that rocks were being thrown at cars. In all, six people reported their cars were hit, including a trooper who was responding to those calls.

Bova said nobody was there when troopers arrived to investigate.

The state patrol is working with Tacoma police and the Department of Transportation to send extra patrols to the area.