Robbery suspect's poor planning takes him right past police station, leads to his arrest

SEATTLE (AP) — It looks like poor planning.

Seattle police say a robbery suspect's escape route took him right past a police station — and that led to a quick arrest.

Police say the robber pulled a knife on his victim late Thursday night in downtown Seattle and ran off with the cash he got. The victim quickly flagged down an officer, who radioed the suspect's description.

Another officer happened to be standing just inside the doors of the West Precinct. He stepped outside and saw a sweaty man dashing down a street. When the officer called out to ask the fast-moving man why he was running, the man replied he was trying to catch a bus.

Doubting that answer, the officer gave chase and finally found the suspect crouched between two vehicles in a car lot.

Police said they found the knife and the victim's cash and booked the 24-year-old man into jail for investigation of robbery.