Robbery leads to police chase, deadly shooting in Seattle

SEATTLE -- An armed robbery led to a police chase and eventually a deadly shooting overnight.

Seattle police say it all started when a man and a woman robbed the Forever 21 store at Northgate Mall. The suspects fled the scene.

Officers were then called to a nearby apartment complex where they say that male suspect shot at the manager and hurt him.

Eventually, police say the woman with him called them from a home in Ballard. They went there and took her into custody, but the male took off in his car.

That led to a chase through several neighborhoods leading to Sand Point with the suspect firing at police.

The suspect apparently crashed his car in Magnuson Park. Police say the suspect got out of the car still armed, and that's when several officers opened fire, shooting and killing him.

Investigations are underway in several locations.

Police said to expect part of the park near the lake to be closed for hours.