Caught on camera: Robbers threaten customers, employees in Maple Valley cannabis shop

Robbers were caught on security cameras Saturday, holding customers and employees at gunpoint in a Maple Valley cannabis shop.

The owner of Goobie's Doobies says the thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of pot and left her staff and shoppers in the store traumatized.  She's hoping the public can now help to catch the suspects.    

"Nobody deserves to be terrified like that," said Tea, Goobie's Doobies owner.  

Tea didn't want to use her full name for safety reasons.  She says security video from that evening shows the two armed men walking into the shop and locking the door behind them casually before pulling the gun.  Then, the two started barking orders to those trapped inside. 

"They pulled out a gun and forced everyone into the bathroom while they cleaned out the display cases," said Tea. 

She says the workers were shocked and trying to comply with demands.  At one point an employee fell to the floor before being told to get up and go to the bathroom in the back of the shop with the others. 

"Our manager on duty and our budtender, they were both pretty shaken up," said Tea. 

The men took everyone's wallet and car keys.  One man walked with them to the bathroom while pointing the gun at them while the other grabbed merchandise. 

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"He had like a small garbage bag he pulled out of his pocket and filled it up with jars," said Tea. 

When they fled, Tea says the men stole a customer's blue Honda that was sitting in the parking lot.  At one point, one of the men hesitated by the car. 

"He puts everything in the car and acts like he’s going to run back inside for something," said Tea. 

The video shows that the robbery happened in broad daylight and the men didn't bother with the front register, instead opting to take a specific brand of marijuana. 

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"They took all of one brand like they were targeting that brand, and they got maybe 10 ounces," said Tea.   

Security video captured a good view of the taller man, who has distinct tattoos under his eye, neck and chin.  Tea says the tattoo under his chin comes up onto his jaw bone and looks a "scrolling design".  

"Very distinct tattoo on his neck and under his eye," said Tea.  "He may have a tattoo on his hand that I'm looking into." 

Tea says that man was white, about 6 feet tall, with a thinner build.  The other suspect was shorter and had darker skin and was wearing a distinct brown and tan hat.  

"Almost like a Gucci or Louis Vuitton kind of checkered pattern," said Tea. 

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Detectives poured over the shop this weekend and fingerprint dust was still visible on the bathroom door Sunday afternoon.  Tea also showed us a still picture of the display case with hand prints that investigators had uncovered there with fingerprint dust.

"When the guy ran in here and jumped the display case, he put both hands on the display case, and they got some good prints out of that," she said. 

"Tea says Goobie's Doobies is named after her beloved pet pug Goobie.  She says it's a mom-and-pop business and her employees are like family.  

She says when things like that happen to a small business, it puts a strain on them and their staff, because they run with smaller staffing levels anyway.  She wants the men brought to justice.  

"Our employees, yes, definitely said they feared for their lives," she said. 

 Tea is asking that you call the King County Sheriff's Office if you see the stolen Honda or recognize the suspects in the security video.