Roads prepped, shelters open ahead of sub freezing temperatures

LYNWOOD -- Freezing temps will bring black ice for the morning commute.

Crews have been monitoring the roads around the clock and dozens more are on standby overnight. All 103 trucks are prepped and ready to hit trouble spots.

“We need help from drivers. If it's icy out, help us out. Especially bridges and overpasses, know that those tend to freeze first so take it slow,” WSDOT spokesperson Lisa Vancise explained. “We could staff all of our trucks to be out on the roads to treat them if needed.” Despite all the cold and rain we've been experiencing, WSDOT says resources are still plentiful. “Our maintenance sheds are full so we've got sand if we need to sand for traction and we have several ways to de-ice the roads depending on the actual temperatures and how cold it gets,” Vancise added.

And because of how cold it already is the South Snohomish Co. Emergency Cold Weather Shelter opened is doors.

“It's difficult for folks to find shelter in cold weather in this area South Snohomish Co. Emergency Cold Weather Shelter organizer Sue Waldin said while overseeing dinner preparation.

The efforts of this volunteer group provide one of the only shelter between Seattle and Everett. Mike Weyerts - who lives in his car - is grateful for this cup of coffee and a warm place to lay his heard.

“It's a kind of struggle to find a real place to stay,” Weyerts said with a smile. “Last night my feet were so cold I didn't know what I was going to do, you know?”

The shelter will open again tomorrow and every night it reaches below 33 degrees.