Road rage victim says suspects taunted her after violent crash

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland woman injured in a road rage incident spent two months in rehab - and still has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Police are now searching for a group of women they say caused the crash, according to WJW.

The incident happened in August, but Geneva Vason, 24, was just released from the hospital on Wednesday.

"I just see the car accident happen over and over and over and over and over again," Vason told WJW.

Vason needs a walker to get around and still has several weeks of healing ahead.

"I broke my left hip and my pelvic bone over here, and I had to get surgery right here, I split my knee open in half, all the way down to the muscle," she said.

Vason was driving southbound on East 93rd Street on Aug. 20 when she unknowingly cut off another driver. She said three or four women inside the other vehicle started yelling profanities.

"They got back behind me. I started driving 10 miles per hour just to be annoying and then they pulled to the side of the car, and then the girl in the back seat threw something in the car that obstructed my vision," Vason said.

Vason said the unknown liquid blinded her, causing her to crash her red Hyundai SUV into a pole near Heath Avenue.

"By the time I opened my eyes, I was into a pole and then they turned back around and was like, '(expletive), that's what the (expletive) you get, you ugly fat, (expletive)', and they sped off."

On Thursday, Cleveland police released photos of the vehicle they said they believe the women were in: possibly a gray Ford Fusion with no front license plate. Investigators said they appeared to be recording the incident on their cell phones.

"My right foot was so broken that they had to put a fixator on it. And I broke my right ribs, my liver had a laceration in it, and I was bleeding in my liver," Vason said.

Vason said she stayed a week in the ICU at University Hospitals, then spent the next couple of months learning to walk again. She said she hopes someone will give police the tip they need to find the women responsible for causing her to crash.

"It's not fair and I think about that all the time. Like it's not fair that I had to be inside the hospital for so long, away from my family, away from my daughter," the victim said.