Retailers cashing in on Seahawks’ victory

SEATTLE -- The Seahawks’ win means big money for retailers. They’re cashing in on the championship victory and fans wasted no time looking for the perfect t-shirt or hat.

Occidental Avenue was packed with shoppers on Monday. Most people had the holiday off from work, and that’s a good excuse to shop till you drop.

“I got my socks, my Seattle Seahawks socks and I got my husband the hat that he’s been waiting for,” said Lori Gibson.

Hawks fans were on the hunt for conference championship gear and before the post-game celebrations were even over, the Silk Screen Company in Georgetown was hard at work making t-shirts.

“It’s great for us, we are big fans, and most of the employees here are just fanatics about football,” said Sergio Dias. “It’s a great atmosphere at work. Go hawks, it will be fun the next couple of weeks.”