Restricting rights or necessary step for public safety? Debate on I-1491

SEATTLE - One of the big items on the ballot this fall is a measure that would allow guns to be taken away from dangerous individuals here in Washington.

The measure would create "extreme risk protection orders".  Under the plan, a family member or a member of law enforcement could petition a court to have a gun taken away from somebody they deemed at great risk of harming themselves or others.

Supporters argue that I-1491 would fill a hold in our public safety system.  Opponents worry that it's another way to restrict the rights of gun owners.

Both sides sat down recently with C. R. Douglas to debate the issue.

Stephanie Ervin, a proponent of the measure, is with the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.  David Combs, an opponent, is a mental health advocate.

Here is that 4-part exchange, which first aired on Sunday, October 30: