Restaurant tells customers to make out with 'willing stranger' to get free food

DENVER, Colorado --  Public displays of affection are often frowned upon in restaurants.

But not at Qdoba this Saturday.

The burrito chain is actually encouraging some major liplocking PDA, even between strangers.

“Order one Smothered Burrito and share a smooch with a loved one, friend or even a willing stranger and you can dig into a second Smothered Burrito on the same visit for free,” writes company spokesperson Meg Prejzner in a news release.

Got that?  Make out with a ‘willing stranger’ in line and they’ll give you a free burrito.

Hey and if you wanna take a selfie while you make out all the better according Prejzner.

“Fans can join the conversation and share their best or cheesiest Valentine’s Day photos on Twitter and Instagram via #Smothered4aSmooch.”