Residents, road crews prepare for potentially snowy Sunday morning

SEATTLE -- “It’s one to three inches,” said Patrick King, out shopping for supplies ahead of the snow forecasted to hit the Puget Sound area.

The first thing King is thinking of protecting: his grill.

“Definitely a change from summer, so we’re getting a grill cover,” King said.

King says he’s lived in the Seattle area long enough and doesn’t go all out getting ready for winter, but he pays the price for that lack of prep too.

“We usually take small steps then get caught off guard by a big storm, I didn’t actually realize until earlier today that there was a decent size storm coming in,” King said.

Western Washington is under a weather advisory until 10 a.m. Sunday. A rain snow mix will coat the Puget Sound area with harder hit areas like Hood Canal that could see a couple inches of snow stick.

“It’s a little earlier than I expected,” said Greg Irving also shopping roaming the hardware store for supplies.

He says no matter what the weather overnight and into the morning, he’s not going to miss the Seahawks game.

“I’ll be at a tailgate tomorrow, so I’ll have to bundle up for that,” Irving said.

Also prepping ahead of the overnight snow and the winter season ahead is the Seattle Department of Transportation who says they are well equipped this year.

“Our goal is to get the streets bare and wet no ice, no snow,” said Mafara Hobson with SDOT.

10 trucks were out on Saturday treating roads with de-icer starting at higher elevations then moving to the main streets,

“We want people to take extra precautions, driving speed limit or slower,” Hobson said.

Being extra precautions for King means his plans for the weekend are simple.

“We’re probably going to make some chili tonight, cuddle up tomorrow, maybe have some hot chocolate,” King said.