Residents in Olympia return home after flooding from Nisqually River

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The Nisqually River is receding after major flooding forced several people in Olympia to evacuate their homes.

On Tuesday, residents of Riverside Manor Apartments began cleaning up their homes damaged by the high waters. Pumps were used to clear the remainder of the flood.

Nisqually River nearly covered several homes at the complex last week. One of those homes belonged to Ronnie Rogers.

Rogers has lived at Riverside Manor for seven years and said flooding never reached his door. This time, eight inches spilled into his home.

“I got to say, it’s depressing. You know, there’s that hopeless feeling. What am I going to do?” said Rogers.

Property managers said Building B was hit the hardest and estimate 12 homes may have flood damage, including Rogers’.

“This is people’s lives. There’s old people, there’s sick people, there’s single mothers that are all here. Right now, nobody knows what we’re going to have to do,” said Rogers.

Thurston County Emergency Management organized several groups to deliver water and offer to help clean affected flood areas. A public information officer said Emergency Management is finalizing its “debris management plan” to figure out the resources needed for the impacted areas throughout the county.

Some residents at Riverside Manor say they fear the potential for more rain.

“I’m a little worried that the same thing that already happened is going to happen all over again,” said Rick Fague, a resident.

Property managers said they’re waiting for insurance to look at the damage and figure out what repairs need to be made.