Reporter mugged while preparing to deliver live report, whole thing caught on camera

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- A television news reporter was mugged as he prepared to deliver a live report on national television on Tuesday and the whole thing was caught on his own crew’s camera.

SABC News contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was covering the arrival of Zambian President Edgar Lungu at a hospital in South Africa when the crime occurred.

In the video, posted by SABC on Youtube, Mvoko can be seen with microphone in hand calmly waiting for the anchor in the studio to introduce his live segment.   Several men can be seen walking behind him. The men then stop suddenly and turn toward the news crew.

On the video Mvoko seems to ignore the men as they walk in front of his camera at first and then he realizes what is happening.

One of the men touches Mvoko and he quickly moves off camera as a short scuffle can be heard.

The two men are seen walking back and forth in front of the still rolling camera.

The picture then freezes as one of the men dressed in a blue shirt seems to hold up something that could be cash.

“Hey, we’re being mugged,” says Mvoko into his microphone. “We’re being mugged.”

The feed then cuts back to the anchor in the studio.

"Sadly, while our contributing editor Vuyo Mvoko was busy with the coverage of President Lungu visit to Milpark hospital this evening, he became a victim of mugging outside the hospital in full view of SABC cameras," reads the caption on the video.

Mvoko was able to return to the studio where he explained on-air what happened.