Report: Veteran Seattle police detective fired for misconduct in 'Dancing Bare' strip club probe

SEATTLE -- A veteran Seattle police detective has been fired for misconduct during an undercover operation at the Dancing Bare strip club, The Seattle Times reported Wednesday.

The detective, Philip Wall, 51, who joined the Seattle Police Department in 1988, admitted during an internal investigation to using cocaine at the North Seattle club, The Seattle Times said, citing a disciplinary-action report it had obtained Wednesday under a public-disclosure request.

In a second internal investigation, Wall admitted to interactions with a sex worker and marijuana use, including providing marijuana candy to others, the report said.

Wall was fired by Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole last month, and he has filed a notice of appeal, the newspaper said.

O'Toole wrote in the report that Wall's actions were unprofessional, intolerable and violated public trust on "numerous levels."  She added, "Arrogance and a 'boys will be boys' mentality is not an excuse for illegal conduct."

In response to the Office of Police Accountability findings before his firing, Wall called them inaccurate or blown out of proportion, the report said. He asserted termination was unwarranted.